Policies and FAQs

International Orders - Shipping & Customs/Taxes:

I am happy to ship to most countries and use UPS International for this.

Most orders shipped via UPS arrive in 2-7 days from the ship date.

Shipping costs applied in the shopping cart reflect shipping cost only.  

Most countries also assess Customs fee, VAT or Import fee when the package enters the country.

I have no control over these fees and no way to estimate what they are.  Fees vary by country.

When you place an order, you are acknowledging there may be additional Customs fees charged by your country to receive the package.

Questions about Customs fees or VAT, please consult your countries Customs Department website.


APO shipping is by USPS and delivery times vary by base of operations, a few days to a few months. 

In some cases standard mail is only a few dollars more and much faster.


Ordering: Most items can be ordered through the Online Store. In the case of custom orders, please email chris@threemuttscustoms.com to discuss and arrange for designs/proofs.  Upon approval of the final proof, an invoice will be emailed and payment is due to place the order.  Standard fulfillment time stated on the home page is applicable unless otherwise stated in the emails.

Payments: Payment is due on all orders at the time the order is placed.  We do not offer partial or 50/50 arrangements however, our website checkout does offer an interest free 4 payment option.


If your product is damaged/defective upon receipt due to material or construction failure, contact us within 30 days we'll repair or replace it at no charge. 

General product warranty is one year and airbrushed pieces have a 1 year no fade warranty.  If you accidentally scratch or chip the piece, contact me to see if it can be repaired.

We are not responsible for damage caused by acts of god, weather exposure, misuse, alteration, modification, lack of care, improper cleaning (don't use Windex or Bleach on leather!), vandalism or general tomfoolery/hijinks. If your gear is damaged from one of the above non-covered events, drop us an email. It might be repairable at lower cost than a replacement. Leather products do require periodic cleaning & conditioning for their longevity.

Please see the Leather Care page for more info:

Refunds: As most of our products are made to your request or custom, we do not offer cash refunds.  For some non-custom items, exchanges can be arranged if the piece has not been installed, modified or damaged and you notify us within 7 days of delivery. If an order is approved to be cancelled before the item is completed there will be a 20% restocking/cancellation fee to cover our costs for order processing, etc.

For items that are custom builds, a digital proof will be provided prior to starting to ensure the design & result you're looking for. We do not offer exchanges or refunds on custom items unless it is made incorrectly or does not fit properly due to an error on our part.  See next item regarding fit.

Wrong item/Incorrect Fit: In the rare occassion you receive an item that does not fit your bike (different year, model, etc) contact us before altering the item.  Incorrect items will be exchanged for the correct item free of charge so long as they are not modified, damaged or improperly installed.  Many times a bit of technical support solves the issue, please contact us before trying to force it to fit. Know your bike and its parts or ask me if you are unsure!

Material info:  

Leather is a natural medium, it was once alive and roaming the earth just as your and I do.  Natural veg-tan leather is used for the tooled and engraved sections of my work.  These are hides taken from their natural state from the animal and tanned using vegetable and oak tannins to create a hide that accepts tooling and engraving with clean & crisp designs.  I hand dye & oil my leathers after tooling as pre-dyed leathers don't tool as cleanly.  Being a natural full grain hide (meaning all the layers are intact) there may be small imperfections such as scars or bites that grace the hide.  I embrace these marks as they indicate a proof of life, celebrated through new purpose.  Granted, I try to keep this to a minimum on each piece, so as not to overwhelm the item to distraction.

For bibs and bags involving seat matching leathers or vinyls, these are purchased from their respective company partners such as LePera, Mustang, etc to ensure a direct match.  The leathers used for seat combinations are top grain (the top layer removed & the remaining leather corrected for texture) that have been chromium tanned.  While this process allows for more specific colors and are softer in hand, the removal of the epidermis eliminates the option of tooling or engraving.  It can still be embroidered for those looking to add stitch patterns or embroidery designs.

In cases where I am matching to a seat with a vinyl cover, these can not be tooled or engraved but can be embroidered or design stitched.  

In almost every item made from the matching vinyl, it will be laminated to a leather core or kydex panels inserted to allow it to be shaped as necessary and to provide structure.  This is especially necessary in the making of items such as swingarm bags where strength to carry a load it required but the outside is to match the seat.

The lacing I use for accent lacing and braided edges is kangaroo, imported from Australia.  Kangaroo has shown to be three times stronger than similar weight cowhide with a greater lifespan in the elements.  

Exotic hides/patterned hides:  Due to cost, many clients will chose to have exotic patterns like crocodile that have been embossed into cowhide.  This gives the same or similar visual effect but is easier to procure and work with.  In cases where the client request real exotic hides be used, the cost will be estimated prior to work beginning and once complete, the federal CITES tag information will be provided in accordance with federal law.  If the client provides the exotic hide to be used, all unused portions will be returned and burden of CITES proof & compliance will rest with the client.