Three Mutts Customs, custom fender bib, Harley, Fatboy, wide fender, leather, engraved, hand tooled, chrome spots

Your bike - Your style

You have the bike, the open road and the desire to ride.  Now it is time to figure out what your bike says about you. Is it your brand loyalty, a unique interest or hobby, a favorite rock band, military service, a lost loved one?  

You bring the ideas and inspirations; we'll help design a custom, one of a kind leather piece or full bib & bag set that will turn heads.

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Awesome Work!
Tank Bib
Great Work
Excellent product
Hello J, Sorry your experience wasn't 5 stars, my fault. We had discussed the delay and tank bib via email and sorted that out. I was not aware the fender bib sent was incorrect, sad to see an otherwise good bib modified but nonetheless I'm sending a new one tomorrow so you have one you can keep on the bike as planned. -Chris